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“You have to give your all to your business” – the story of the Waffle King at Oulu Airport

Article published
5.9.2022 at 16:00
People & Aviation
Entrepreneur Pasi Kangaskorte opened his café Vohvelikuningas at Oulu Airport in 2019.

Vohvelikuningas (lit. Waffle King), known for its sweet and savoury waffles, is located next to Gate 14 at Oulu Airport. The idea of operating at the airport was born a few years ago, when Finavia was looking for a café entrepreneur for the gate area at Oulu Airport.

"Opening Vohvelikuningas at the airport was a very interesting project right from the onset. Before arriving at the airport, Vohvelikuningas had premises in the city centre and in a shopping centre in Oulu, from where we then moved to the airport," says Kangaskorte, the founder of Vohvelikuningas.

The airport environment has been pleasant, and the recipes developed by the entrepreneur himself have garnered praise.

"I have been satisfied with our cooperation with Finavia during these years. I am also pleased to hear passengers say that we are actually a talking point at other airports."

Kangaskorte has maintained his faith in his business year after year, even though the recent years have included an expansion of his business activities as well as a pandemic that has affected the tourism and restaurant sector.

"You have to give your all to your business if you want to do something big with it. I, myself, stand one hundred per cent behind Vohvelikuningas and I develop, expand and drive the company forward with enthusiasm every day."

A shop was put up next to the cafe

In recent years, Vohvelikuningas’ selection has expanded beyond restaurant activities when Kangaskorte opened two shops at Oulu Airport, one in the arrivals lobby and the other next to the café.

"The self-service shop in the arrivals lobby, 247 Shop, serves all visitors to the airport every day of the year, round the clock."

The souvenir shop in front of Vohvelikuningas, on the other hand, focuses on the Moomin characters that everyone loves.

"We strive to have a bigger selection of Moomin products in our shop, compared to other shops. In other words, Oulu residents no longer need to travel all the way to Naantali for shopping – just drop by our shop," Kangaskorte says.