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Finavia continues to renovate traffic areas at Kuopio Airport – no impact on air traffic

Article published
10.2.2023 at 11:27
Kiitotie ja taivas, jossa aurinko paistaa pilvien takaa.
This year, Finavia will invest EUR 5 million in the renovation of Kuopio Airport. At Kuopio Airport, Finavia is renovating stormwater sewers and taxiways E and F. In addition, Finavia is continuing the renovation of the electricity network that began last year. The renovation will not affect air traffic.

The work at Kuopio Airport will start in May and be completed by the beginning of September. The airport will stay open and operating flights will be possible the whole time.

“It’s great that we are able to keep to our plans and continue projects that are important for both smooth air traffic and the airport environment,” says Raija Niskanen, Finavia’s Airport Manager of Kuopio Airport.

The renovation of the taxiways in Kuopio is part of lifecycle repairs, which will extend the service life of the air traffic area and maintain the service level of flights. Finavia will also renovate the stormwater system, which will protect the environment and further reduce the impact of current flight operations on the environment.

The implementation of the Kuopio Airport traffic area renovation project began in the summer of 2022, when, among other things, the taxiway lighting system was replaced. Last year, Finavia invested EUR 2.7 million in the renovation of Kuopio Airport’s infrastructure. The improvements to be made this year are part of the renovation of traffic areas. The renovation of the Kuopio Airport runway will be completed in its entirety in the autumn of 2024.

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