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Finavia employees: Route Development working to improve Finland’s connectivity

Article published
30.3.2023 at 08:35
Finavian työntekjä toimistolla
People & Aviation
Route Development Manager Jyrijaakko Ritamies is happy to return to working with air traffic. For Ritamies, it’s important that he is able to promote the connectivity of Finland’s regions in his work.

“I started working at Finavia in August 2022. I returned to an industry I have always been passionate about. Before 2020, I worked in commercial positions at a few airlines for several years. The COVID-19 crisis changed the industry dramatically. After working in another industry for a while, an opportunity opened up at Finavia to return to working with air traffic.

At Route Development, we work to ensure smooth flight connections in Finland and internationally. Our customers are airlines. We work closely with existing customers and survey new customers. This means that we have to know how to sell.

My previous work experience with airlines has helped me understand the logic of customers when it comes to route decisions. Taking advantage of data is important in this work.

With existing customers, we monitor how, for example, passenger volumes and profitability have developed on the routes.

For potential new airline customers, we will present, for example, data and analytics to support decisions, information on potential passenger volumes, insights into Finland as a destination and departure market and other important market information.

We also regularly work together with Finnish tourism organisations, as Finavia has a very extensive airport network in Finland.

I am happy to do work at Finavia promoting Finland’s connectivity. The transport links we have right now are not something to be taken for granted. Due to our geographical location, Finland could almost be called an island, which means that good flight connections to the rest of the world are vital for both business and leisure travellers.

For me, it’s important that our airline customers succeed. It’s great to be able to build long customer relationships and get positive feedback on successful projects. Even though modern technology makes it possible to meet customers remotely, we also regularly meet airline customers face-to-face, for example at conferences.

I travel for work on a regular basis, but it’s still possible for me to maintain a good work–life balance at Finavia. Finavia’s flexible hybrid work model also helps with this. We have a positive work community. I feel that we are committed to Finavia’s values and working towards a common goal.”

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