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Finavia houses two beehives at Helsinki Airport during the summer – 50,000 pollinators in one hive

Article published
22.6.2023 at 10:40
Mehiläispesä Helsinki-Vantaalla
Bees pollinate plants and are an important part of a thriving ecosystem. Finavia takes care of the diverse nature in the vicinity of Helsinki Airport.

Helsinki Airport has two large beehives in use during the summer.

“We take care of the local environment and the nature around our airport. Bees pollinate plants that can then reproduce and produce more food for other insects, such as butterflies. This will also improve the reproductive possibilities of insects and diversify the species in the area,” says Kirsi Pitkäranta, Environmental Manager at Finavia.

Finavia's goal is to promote biodiversity in the vicinity of airports. There are 50,000 pollinators in one beehive.

“It’s important that the airport and its surrounding nature can thrive as neighbours and as part of the same ecosystem.”

Mehiläispesät Helsinki-Vantaalla

The hives are located in a unique location, on the east side of runway 2 at Helsinki Airport.

As this is an airport area, the location of the hives was carefully considered.

“There are varied environments in the vicinity, such as bogs, sunny ridges and forests. Bees collect nectar on their own and only move around in swarms when changing hives, so they do not harm airport operations. They also do not attract birds.”

The beehives are regularly maintained by the Finnish company Korpikuusikon Hunaja. The maintenance is done approximately once a week and the honey collected from the hives.

“One hive produces up to 25 kilograms of honey,” says Kirsi Pitkäranta.

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