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Finavia is restoring a nature reserve near Turku Airport

Article published
21.6.2023 at 09:10
Kukkapelto lentoaseman kiitotien vieressä.
Finavia aims to promote biodiversity and the success of different plant and animal species in the Pomponrahka Natura site near Turku Airport.

“We take care of our airports’ neighbours and nearby areas. The Turku Airport area is bordered by a magnificent nature reserve where we want to promote the success of different plant and animal species. Through our restoration efforts, we aim to preserve and improve biodiversity in the vicinity of the airport,” says Kirsi Pitkäranta, Finavia’s Environmental Manager.

As part of the restoration work, Finavia has filled an old ditch draining the bog area and built new stormwater drains and a stormwater ditch, to which stormwater from airport areas, such as the apron and runway, will be directed.

“We are improving the water balance of the bog by filling the old stormwater ditch with clay. In addition, we will fill old, smaller ditches and cut down trees in cooperation with the City of Turku. This will help the vegetation of the bog area and, for example, different species of moss.”

Over the next few years, Finavia will actively monitor the rise of the water level in the bog area and the success of mosses and other vegetation in the area.

“It’s important that the airport and the nature reserve can thrive as neighbours and as part of the same ecosystem,” says Kirsi Pitkäranta.

The Natura site is a popular area for outdoor exercise and offers beautiful nature and hiking trails in the vicinity of Turku Airport.

What is a Natura site?

Located next to Turku Airport, the Pomponrahka Nature Reserve is part of the Finnish Natura site network, which protects different habitats and species. The aim of nature conservation is to preserve biodiversity.

In Finland, there are nearly 2,000 Natura sites, covering a total of five million hectares. Nature reserves also conserve nature that has previously been less conserved, such as the underwater nature of the archipelago and the coast as well as lakes and rocks.

You can learn more about the Natura site on the website of the Ministry of the Environment: Natura 2000 sites

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