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Travel tips for breakfast at Helsinki Airport

Article published
18.12.2023 at 08:05
Matkustajat ravintolassa
Taking the morning flight? Whether you are heading to Europe in the morning or taking a long-haul flight to Asia, Helsinki Airport’s cafés and restaurants offer you delicious breakfast places.

Bär Bar in the arrivals hall of Helsinki Airport invites you to enjoy Finnish berries and serves you a breakfast menu with colourful smoothie bowl dishes, sandwiches and tasty berry and fruit drinks.

If you prefer fresh bread and a cup of coffee for breakfast, head to the Helsinki Market restaurant in the arrivals hall, which serves oven-fresh buns from its own bakery.

Enjoying a brunch before flying to Europe

Restaurant Pier Zero in the gate area is also open early in the morning, serving breakfast with freshly squeezed juices, coffee and tea as well as hot breakfast sandwiches.

Also, after security control, the café Kaffet Helsinki offers fresh cinnamon buns, that are baked in its own bakery at the airport. Kaffet opens its doors at five in the morning.

If you are really hungry, Oak Barrel has brunch options: the all-day brunch range includes popular Shepherd’s Pie and Eggs Benedict dishes.

Coffee and croissants for long-haul flights

If you are travelling by long-haul flight to the United States or Asia, for example, your flight will depart from gate area 39–52.

After the passport control, you will find world-famous coffee from Starbucks, and popular restaurant Nordic Kitchen, which serves hot breakfast dishes. Would you like to enjoy a Full English Breakfast before your flight to the UK?

At the long-haul gate area you can also find breakfast options from kiosk WHSmith. Coffee and breakfast can easily be packed and enjoyed onboard your morning flight.

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This article was first published on July 13th, 2022.