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Travel tips for Lapland Airports – see the busiest travel times this holiday season

Article published
21.12.2023 at 10:34
Joulupukki Rovaniemen lentoasemalla
Read our travel tips for Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo Airports, and see the busiest travel times during this holiday season.

Christmas holiday season is busy at Lapland Airports. Popular travel times are during the weekends, especially December 22.-24. and December 29.-31. January 6th, 2024, is also a busy day at Rovaniemi, Kittilä, and Ivalo Airports.

Tips for departing from Lapland Airports

  • Your airline or tour operator will let you know what time it is recommended to arrive at the airport before your flight. They will also inform you what time your check-in begins.
  • After check-in and bag-drop, you may proceed to the security control. Please check how to go through security control at Lapland Airports. Remember to take all electronics and liquids out of your carry-on for scanning.

Tips for packing your luggage

  • Check our search engine to see what you can take with you on your flight. You should also check the instructions for skis and snowboards with your airline or tour operator.
  • Pack any Christmas food and other food items in bags bound for the cargo hold. Do not pack fireworks, sparklers or flammable products such as flammable ski waxes for your trip. It is prohibited to carry these items on an aircraft.
  • If you are travelling to Kittilä Airport, you can rent winter clothing and outdoor gear from Articles at the airport.

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