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Beautiful fells and Lapland’s resorts are the trump card of the north – learn more about Kittilä Airport

Article published
19.1.2024 at 09:11
Revontulet Lappi
Kittilä Airport has excellent transport links to many important holiday and ski resorts in Lapland. Passengers can admire the fells of Levi, Ylläs and Aakenus right from the airport’s gate area.

Kittilä Airport is located in Northern Finland, about 5 kilometres from the centre of the municipality of Kittilä. Kittilä Airport has excellent transport links to Lapland’s fells and resorts, which is why it is very popular with tourists.

When winter arrives, air traffic to Kittilä multiplies. In December, there are up to 30 flights per day. In 2023, some 375,000 passengers travelled via the airport, almost a third of whom travelled during the November–December season.

There are currently direct flights to Kittilä from three different destinations in Europe: Düsseldorf, Riga and Munich. In addition, there were also flights to Kittilä from Manchester and London in the UK during the November–December tourist season. There are also domestic flights to Kittilä from Tampere and Helsinki.

The Airport Manager’s tips for Kittilä and the fells

From Kittilä, you can travel smoothly to the holiday and ski resorts of Lapland. Jonna Pietilä, the Airport Manager of Kittilä Airport, shares her travel tips for Kittilä Airport’s surroundings.

“The magical fells are one of Lapland’s trump cards. Kittilä Airport’s gate area offers spectacular views of the surrounding fells: Levi, Ylläs, Aakenus and Kätkä. About an hour from the airport, there are also Muonio and Pallastunturi, which have been shown to have the cleanest air in the world.”

“Santa’s Cabin is one of the most iconic photo spots in Levi. The cabin’s veranda offers a breathtaking view of the fells. The cabin is accessible throughout the year.”

Learn more about the airport

  • Year of establishment: Kittilä Airport was established in 1979.
  • Employees: The airport employs a total of 13 people, and that figure goes up to almost 40 during the high season.
  • Number of passengers: In 2023, there were 375,000 passengers.
  • Flight connections: Kittilä is currently connected by direct flights to three different destinations in Europe. Traffic to Kittilä is busy, especially in winter, and in December there can be up to 30 flights per day.

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Main photo of the article: Thomas Kast / Visit Finland