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The eight seasons of Lapland: During ice-run spring, nature emerges from its hibernation

Article published
22.5.2024 at 12:30
Keväinen järvimaisema Kuusamossa
Do you already know all the eight seasons of Lapland? Ice-run spring, the third of the seasons, means that summer is about to begin in Northern Finland.

In April–May, Lapland’s nature emerges from hibernation, the ice melts and the days are bright until late in the evening. As light increases and the snow melts, leaves begin to appear on the trees, the blanket of snow is replaced by greenery and new reindeer calves get to their feet.

During ice-run spring, the days get even longer and the sun shines on Lapland’s landscapes. The long days and the warmth of the sun give you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and longer hikes. Tourists can experience things like husky and reindeer safaris, hiking or listening to the sound of ice breaking in lakes and rivers.

Kuohuava koski Lapissa

Image: Visit Finland / Jere Ekosaari.

Ice-run spring is the most spectacular time of year, especially if you enjoy being by the water. At this time of year, the large rivers in Lapland are freed from ice, which allows the rivers and streams to flow freely again. As the water flows, large rapids will look particularly impressive. In some rivers, ice runs can also mean flooding. At higher water levels, some of the trails’ river crossings will be closed, but some canoe routes will be open precisely because of the higher water level.

Experience ice-run spring and Lapland’s year-round adventures via Finavia’s Lapland airports.

Finnair offers year-round flights from Helsinki Airport to Finavia's Lapland Airports in Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo. In addition, Norwegian also offers scheduled flights from Helsinki Airport to Rovaniemi. In winter, Lapland is also connected by direct routes to several destinations in Europe.

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