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The eight seasons of Lapland: frosty winter is winter at its best

Article published
9.2.2024 at 15:00
Maisemakuva lumisesta maisemasta Lapissa
Do you already know all the eight seasons of Lapland? Frosty winter, the first of the seasons, offers enchanting landscapes and ideal recreational opportunities.

In the north, January–February is the time when snowfall is at its heaviest and the snow piles up the highest. While in the south the daylight hours are quickly getting longer, in Lapland the days are mostly lit by light reflected by the snow. At night, the dance of the northern lights illuminates the sky, complementing the beauty of winter.

Frosty winter lives up to its name as it sees the coldest temperatures of the year. While the cold might seem like a challenge, the season also offers enchanting landscapes and unforgettable experiences. Frosty winter is the perfect time for winter sports such as skiing, sledging or even mountain biking on winter trails that run through the national parks’ old-growth forests and on their fells.

Revontulet lumisen Lappimaiseman yllä

In Lapland, frosty winter is more than just a weather phenomenon – it is a unique experience that makes Lapland one of the most fascinating travel destinations in the world.

Experience frosty winter and Lapland’s year-round experiences via Finavia’s Lapland airports.

Finnair offers several daily flights from Helsinki Airport to our Lapland airports in Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo, in addition to which Lapland is connected by direct routes to many destinations in Europe.

Main image: Visit Finland / Tiina Törmänen

Image: Visit Finland / Jarmo Luhta

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