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Travel to the top of the world: Ivalo is the gateway to Lapland’s enchanting nature and year-round experiences

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1.3.2024 at 10:00
Luminen rinne Saariselällä.
Ivalo, the northernmost of Finavia’s airports, brings passengers to the top of the world. In Ivalo and its surrounding areas, you will experience Finland’s northernmost Lapland, magnificent nature year round and the northernmost ski and holiday resort in Europe.

During the 2023–2024 winter season, Finnair operates up to 30 flights a week from Helsinki Airport to Ivalo. The airline has also added more flights for the summer holiday season. In addition to Finnair, Eurowings operates direct scheduled flights to Ivalo from Düsseldorf, Transavia from Paris, Lufthansa from Frankfurt and Edelweiss Air from Zürich.

Experience the stunning nature of Lapland

Lake Inari offers its visitors dazzling and rugged scenery: the area looks magnificent, both when illuminated by the northern lights and in the midnight sun. Lake Inari has not earned its reputation for nothing: depending on the season, you can admire the lake on the water or from the top of the fell. In summer, we also recommend visiting the stunning, clean and large sandy beaches of the River Ivalo, which are dotted along the river.

Revontulet Lapin Inarijärven yllä syksyllä

Photo: Northern lights above Lake Inari. Pertti Turunen / Visit Finland.

When the sky is clear, you can see far from the fells. Excellent scenic spots include Pyhä-Nattanen, Otsamotunturi, Kiilopää, Kaunispää and Tuulisjärvi. Many slightly lesser-known fells can also be climbed and are absolutely worth seeing. A special tip for the daredevils: you can sledge down Kiilopää!

Kesäinen tunturimaisema Ivalossa

Photo: Irina Salomaa / Lapland North Destinations.

Saariselällä pulkkamäessä.

Photo: Rob Smith / Visit Finland.

In Inari, you will also find the Urho Kekkonen National Park and the Lemmenjoki National Park, which offer some of the most spectacular scenery in Finland.

Patikoija katsoo tunturimaisemaa syksyllä Ivalossa

Photo: Hendrik Morkel / Lapland North Destinations.

Visit Europe’s northernmost ski and holiday resort

The Saariselkä holiday resort offers northern experiences all year round. In Saariselkä, you can stay in a variety of hotels, apartments, cottages and northern lights accommodation. The wide range of restaurants and food made with local ingredients make it possible to enjoy a delicious meal amid stunning scenery.

Saariselän lomakeskus kuvattuna iltahämärässä

Photo: Lapland North Destinations.

In winter, you can spend time skiing, sledging or going on husky or snowmobile safaris, for example. In summer, hiking, cycling, canoeing and kayaking are fantastic activities, while in autumn it’s a great idea to go fishing and pick mushrooms and berries.

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Main photo: Rob Smith / Visit Finland.

This article was first published on 10 February 2021