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TUI named its new aircraft Ivalo

Article published
15.2.2024 at 09:15
TUI:n lentokone nimettiin Ivaloksi Ivalon lentoasemalla
On Valentine's Day, 14 February 2024, the naming of TUI's new Boeing 737-8 aircraft as "Ivalo" was celebrated at Ivalo Airport. The aircraft, which arrived from Amsterdam, is now the third in the company's fleet to be named after the popular Lapland holiday destination.

"We are very proud that once again one of TUI's airplanes has been named after a destination in Lapland and that Ivalo is now acting as an ambassador for the region worldwide. We have excellent cooperation with our travel industry partners, of which this current record-breaking Lapland season is living proof. Lapland has become an even more attractive travel destination internationally, and in enabling this, TUI has been a significant partner for us", Jonna Pietilä, Finavia's VP for Lapland Airports says.

In 2018, TUI named one of its airplanes Kittilä and in 2022 Rovaniemi.

TUI:n lentokone laskeutumassa Ivaloon

Photo: the plane arrived in sunny Ivalo from Amsterdam.

Husky-koira ja taluttaja Ivalon lentoasemalla

Photo: Pauliina Mäki and the husky Diesel from Happy Huskies had the honour of acting as the godparents of the Ivalo plane.

Diesel-husky sai kunnian toimia koneen kummina

Matkustajia saapumassa TUI:n koneesta Ivaloon

Photo: The flight brought with it TUI staff, influencers, partners and media from Amsterdam to Ivalo.

“We are delighted to welcome our new airplane “Ivalo” to its home airport for its name-giving. As an ambassador of Lapland, the Boeing 737-8 will be a guest all over the world, making the close relationship of Finland and TUI even more visible. And, it is also a great example of our commitment to continue on our journey of becoming Europe’s most fuel-efficient airline. Flying more sustainable will help us to ensure that our guests can enjoy Europe’s landscapes and support regional and local tourism which is so important to many young citizens and their development opportunities”, Marco Ciomperlik, Chief Airline Officer of TUI Group said.

Photos: Noora Portti, Lapland North Destinations.

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