Tampere Airport delevops

Finavia develops Tampere Airport on a long-term basis. During the last years Finavia has invested nearly EUR 20 million in the development of Tampere Airport.

The Tampere Airport development programme launched in the spring of 2018 focused on increasing air traffic capacity, securing safe transport and reducing environmental impacts.

Finavia invested a total of EUR 15 million in expanding the apron and renewing the runway. In addition, EUR 2 million were spent on renewing the runway’s instrument landing system and improving the precision approach procedures. This adds up to a total investment of EUR 17 million.

Tampere-Pirkkalan lentoaseman kiitotie.

Expansion and modernisation work took place in different parts of the airport’s traffic areas: apron, runway and taxiway. The runway was completely repaved and wider turn pads for planes were constructed at its both ends. A new taxiway connection from the aviation industry’s training centre area to the runway was added.

Thanks to the new and wider turn pads, Tampere Airport will also be able to serve wide-body aircraft. The modernisation project also included replacing the airport lights with energy-efficient LED lights and improving the recovery of anti-freeze agents and related soil protection.

The new ILS devices improve the possibilities for air traffic to operate in even bad weather conditions.

Tampere-Pirkkalan lentoasemalla vuonna 2018 tehdyn asematasolaajennuksen kartta.

Finavia planned the work so it would disturb air traffic as little as possible. The runway repaving was carried out during the least busy time for air traffic, mainly during the three-week period starting 17 July when the airport was closed.

Military aviation and general aviation operations began as soon as the new runway was opened on 12 August, and the first scheduled flight departed for Riga at 5.30 a.m. on 13 August.

Tampere Airport development and modernisation programme in a nutshell

Paved area

330,000 m² (50 football fields)

Apron expansion

22,000 m²

Two new runway turn pads

8,000 m²

Soil protection for de-icing

8,000 m²

New electricity and communications cables

10,000 m

Asphalt mass

60,000 tonnes

A new taxiway

150 m

New LED lights

150 lights

New glycol pump stations

2 stations

A new ILS system

1 system

Workers at the construction site

100 persons

Investment in Tampere Airport totals more than EUR 20 million

In recent years, Finavia has invested more than EUR 20 million in the development of Tampere Airport. In addition to the latest project, Finavia has invested in improving the customer areas and services at both terminals and reducing the airport’s environmental impacts.

Tampere-Pirkkalan lentoasema