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Eat at the airport: Burger King and Bistrot Helsinki Airport

Article published
07.07.2015 kl 05:21
In the Arrivals hall 2A of Helsinki Airport, the newly-opened restaurants, Burger King and Bistrot Helsinki Airport, serve both travellers and people dropping off or picking up passengers. The renewal of the Arrivals 2A lobby will be completed in autumn 2015.

The Arrivals 2A lobby in Terminal 2 is being renewed fast. In June, Burger King, known for its famous Whoppers, opened its restaurant in the lobby. The chain has another restaurant in the non-Schengen area of the airport.

The Italian-style Bistrot Helsinki Airport opened in the Arrivals 2A lobby at the beginning of July. The selection of the restaurant includes pizzas, bread and pastry baked at the restaurant as well as freshly made pasta and salad.

The restaurant favours produce and raw material by Finnish small producers.

Burger King and Bistrot are located in the public area of the airport, so everyone visiting the airport has access to them. Now, in addition to passengers, those dropping off or picking up passengers and people who live near the airport can enjoy the services of the restaurants.

Renovation of Arrivals 2A in its final stages

The renovation project of the Arrivals 2A lobby, which started in November 2014, is in its final stages. With the renovation, it will not only be easier for passengers to leave the airport – it will also be tastier.

Arrival services, including foreign exchange, tourist information and taxi services, have been centralised so that they are now even easier to find.

In addition to Burger King and Bistrot Helsinki Airport, a restaurant that offers finger-food and drinks will open its doors in Arrivals 2A in the autumn.

The renovation of the Arrivals 2A lobby is estimated to be fully completed in autumn 2015.

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