Additional Parking Services at Helsinki Airport

Parking spots for electric cars

Helsinki Airport has nearly 350 charging stations for electric cars. They are located in P1 Premium, P2, P3, and P5 parking halls. In parking area P2, there is an entire floor dedicated for electric cars. The charging point is suitable with Type 2 charging cable. The charging stations are suitable for medium-paced and slow charging.

You will find the specific instructions and contact details at the airport's electric car charge station or download the instruction here.

More information and map of charging stations.

Parking with a disabled parking permit

You can get four hours of free parking with a disabled parking permit in all parking halls at Helsinki Airport.

There are wheelchair marked spaces close to the lifts, you can also park in other spaces.

If you need assistance, you can book an assistance service before the start of your trip free of charge. There are assistance call points in the parking garages and in front of the terminal for contacting the assistance service. The service is available 24h.

Instructions for short-term parking

When you drive into Finavia's indoor car park, take the parking ticket you get at the barrier and your personal disabled parking permit with you.

Parking halls P1 Premium and P2 and the short-term parking area are ticket-free areas, which means that the parking area's barrier opens through camera identification.

When you wish to end your parking, present your parking permit at Finavia's information point located in the arrivals hall. After that, you can simply return to your car and drive out.

Please note that you must bring an identification with your photo, if your parking permit does not have your photo on it.

If the holder of the disabled parking permit has restricted mobility, another person may also collect the free exit ticket from the information desk. S/he must present the entry ticket or license plate number and the disabled parking permit.

When you park your car in a disabled parking space outside the gated area, display your disabled parking permit so that it can be easily seen, for example, under the windscreen.

Instructions for longer parking

When the parking lasts at least 24 hours, you can pre-book your parking for cheaper price. Instructions for parking without pre-booking can be found here.

Car wash

Save time and effort. Have your car washed while you are travelling. When your flight lands, you will have a clean car waiting for you.

You can book and pay for a car wash when pre-booking the parking. Car wash service is available when you make a reservation for the P1, P2, P3 or P5 parking area. The car wash is located in P1 Premium parking area. Read more.