Parking without pre-booking

Driving instructions

Areas P1 Premium and P2

The parking time starts automatically when you enter into parking areas P1 Premium and P2. You can pay for your parking at payment machines in the elevator lobby, or with the mobile application Moovy. Please note that you need your license plate number to pay for parking in these areas. After the payment has been completed, the gate will open automatically as you drive out.

Areas P3, P4 and P5

Get a parking ticket from the ticket machine. The gate opens and you can drive into the parking area. Parking in the area is subject to a fee.

The personal data collected in parking is described in this privacy policy (PDF).

How to pay for parking

When you return from your trip, pay your parking at the terminal or in the parking area, using the yellow machines. You can pay in cash or with a chip card. Cards without a chip are also accepted at our service outlet.

When you park for more than 24 hours, choose the daily price list. After 24 hours, parking is charged based on full days.

If you have reserved your parking via our online system, you can drive directly to the exit gate, since your parking is already paid.

Short Term Parking

Parking time at short term parking areas starts automatically as you enter the area. You can pay for your parking via Moovy mobile application, or use the payment machines in the parking area or in the arrivals hall of the terminal before you leave.

Remember, that you need your license plate number in order to pay for parking. Pay before exiting the parking area, and the exit gate will open automatically.

Read more about short term parking at Helsinki Airport.

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