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At Helsinki Airport, changing planes is easy and can even be fun

Article published
25.10.2014 at 06:00
Endless corridors and miles to walk to your transfer gate? Not at Helsinki Airport.

Both walking distances and transfer times are short at Helsinki Airport.

Helsinki is one of the world's quickest transfer hubs for air traffic, for quick and easy routes from Europe to Asia, from Asia to Europe, and more.

An hour and a half between flights is enough to do and experience a lot.

Distances are short, and the automatic passport-control points for both EU/EEA and Japanese and Korean e-passports work in both directions. Plenty of services, to suit all wishes and schedules, are available as you walk through the airport.

Relaxing lounge and other areas

Even a short time is enough for transfer passengers to enjoy one of the many lounges or cafés.

The airport's 'everyman's lounge', the Kainuu lounge, is something you can't find anywhere else: a unique voice installation featuring sounds from Finland's forests and animals, in a space furnished with quality natural materials typical of this country.

To top it all off, the entire airport is served by free wireless Internet connectivity, with no time limits or password requests. Just click and you're online! And you can charge your appliances at any of several charging points, throughout the airport.Business passengers are served by Finnair and SAS lounges. The Schengen-area Finnair Lounge reopened with a new look on 6 October. A Priority Pass opens the doors to the Aspire lounge, and anyone can enter the [email protected] lounge for a fee.

Helsinki Airport has plans to serve transfer passengers still better, with service paths designed specifically for certain passenger groups – all the necessary services are along the route. We will tell you more about this new feature soon!

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Lounges and waiting areas
[email protected]
The Aspire loungeFinnair lounge, Gate 22
Finnair lounge, Gate 36
The SAS lounge

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