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Innovations at Helsinki Airport are top of the world

Article published
27.6.2015 at 06:00
Airports Council International, ACI Europe, has collected a list of the best innovations at airports. Two of Helsinki Airport's innovations made the list. The renovated luggage lobby and unique sleeping pods are included in the global TOP10 list.

“In recent years, we have invested heavily in developing the services at Helsinki Airport. We wish to offer the passengers relaxing and pleasant memories of their trip and differentiate in this from competing airports. Based on ACI's TOP10 list, you could argue that one-fifth of all airport innovations come from Helsinki Airport,” says Heikki Koski, Helsinki Airport's Vice President at Finavia.

Finnish nature and technology know-how meet in the baggage claim

The baggage claim 2B designed by renowned designer-interior architect Stefan Lindfors provides the passengers a unique experience of Finland already while they are waiting for their luggage.

The main theme of the lobby is Finnish nature. Glass display cases placed among luggage lines present the flora and fauna of our home country.

Finnish IT expertise is highlighted with a translucent circuit board design which enlivens the walls of the luggage lobby. Another feature of the space worth mentioning is the live feed from the natural environment reflected on the walls.

Arriving passengers from non-Schengen flights go through the beautiful luggage lobby 2B, which means that the lobby is primarily used by passengers coming from outside Europe.

World famous sleeping pods offer a moment of peace in the bustle of the airport

Finnish GoSleep sleeping pods are found in the sixth position of the list. Sleeping pod is an ergonomic seat suitable for sleeping, which provides the user with peace and privacy for rest or work.

The cover pulled on top of the seat isolates both noise and light of the environment. You can handily stove away your hand luggage under the seat. The seat is also equipped with a power plug.

Helsinki Airport is the first airport in Europe equipped with sleeping pods. Sleeping pods are available in gates 31 and 37.

Finavia constantly invests in passenger comfort

“It is important for us that passengers enjoy our airport. The development of passenger experience has been conducted together with passengers. Cooperation projects have brought, for example, an art gallery and a book swap to Helsinki airport,” says Koski.

Restaurant and service selection is also continuously developed to meet the wishes of the passengers. Due to the on-going service reform almost 70 new or renovated shops and restaurants have been opened at the airport.

Finavia has a EUR 900 million development programme currently under way. The aim is to increase Helsinki Airport's international traffic capacity and prepare for serving 20 million passengers in 2020.