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Major traffic rearrangements at Helsinki Airport before the new Taxi Act

Article published
14.6.2018 at 11:00
Ajoneuvoliikennettä Helsinki-Vantaalle
Finland’s largest airport is also one of the most important hubs for vehicle traffic in Finland. The rearrangements to be introduced in taxi and bus traffic and parking areas at Helsinki Airport will bring major changes to vehicle traffic in the area in the summer.

"We changed traffic arrangements in front of T1 terminal in the middle of May by moving bus stops to a new location. The change affected some local bus routes and longdistance coaches. At the end of May,short term parking was moved from the front of T2 terminal to the parking garage so that we could start the work on new taxi lanes", says Jukka Isomäki, Senior Vice President at Finavia.

Four lanes for taxis and separate areas for coaches

Helsinki Airport is the most important hub for taxi traffic in Finland. According to Isomäki, Helsinki Airport has prepared well for the new Taxi Act, which will enter into force on 1 July, and the rearrangements resulting from it.

"Three lanes in front of T1 and T2 terminals have been reserved for taxis, whose operators have signed an agreement with Finavia for providing taxi services for air passengers. The taxis fulfil Finavia’s criteria for a vehicle fleet and the linguistic skills of drivers."

For example, maximum rates have been agreed with the taxi companies for taxi rides to the centre of Helsinki, and fares are clearly indicated for customers at the airport.

With the new Taxi Act, all taxi drivers will receive the possibility to operate at the airport. The fourth lane in front of the T1 and T2 terminals is reserved for other vacant taxis, with the customer agreeing on the ride and fare themselves. In addition, an area will be set aside for pre-booked transportation.

The waiting area for coaches and the bus stops at T2 terminal will remain unchanged.

Parking capacity for thousands of vehicles and short-term parking at a parking garage

Finavia has more than 13,000 parking places at Helsinki Airport. Most of them are located at parking garages close to the terminals. The P5 parking garage is the largest in Finland.

"Signposts play an important role in helping customers find a suitable parking place. It is also possible to buy a parking place beforehand for any of the parking areas except for short-term parking. The earlier you book and pay for a parking place, the lower the parking fee will be."

Finavia’s weekly parking rate without advance booking will start from EUR 44 in summer 2018.