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Finavia's investment programme receives the RIL Award 2021

Article published
25.11.2021 at 09:58
Ilmakuva Helsinki-Vantaan terminaali 2:n pääsisäänkäynnistä
The Helsinki Airport development programme project has received the RIL Award 2021 presented by the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL. This award is presented annually to the construction work, site or concept that best represents high-quality, innovative Finnish construction engineering skills and expertise.

This year, the winner of the RIL Award was decided by Matti Alahuhta, a highly respected Finnish corporate executive. Finavia's ten-year development programme was especially praised for making extensive use of digitalisation and taking responsibility into account throughout the project:

“Finavia has widely implemented digitalisation throughout the entire project, both in the actual construction work as well as in information modelling and data management. This has made it possible to anticipate the progress of the project as a whole and its parts and to make flexible changes whenever problem solving was needed to ensure a good customer experience. Management based on data modelling has also played a key role in the implementation of the attractiveness, functionality, safety and economic efficiency of the project,” said Alahuhta in RIL ry's press release on 23 November.

The progress of Finavia's investment programme has been designed so that gradual implementation and deployment is possible in order to enable the airport to operate around the clock, which Alahuhta also praised:

“The project advanced in a very demanding operating environment. The work was carried out in the airport area which was fully operational and in a strictly limited space. Importantly, customer satisfaction has continuously improved as the project progressed.”

Photo: Helsinki Airport development programme team members receiving the award in House of the Estates in Helsinki 23.11.2021. Photographer: Sami Perttilä/RIL

According to Alahuhta, Helsinki Airport is undoubtedly one of Finland's most important showcases to the world, a gateway to Finland and Finnishness.

“As a result of this development programme, the new terminal area that will open at the beginning of December will present Finnish expertise in a variety of ways, and at the same time, the whole of Finland as the forerunner in sustainable development. The development programme strengthens the position of Helsinki Airport as one of the leading transit airports in Europe. This has a direct impact on Finland's business life, economy and accessibility.”

“At Finavia, we are very happy with the recognition received by the development programme. This ten-year project demonstrates the versatile competences of Finavia and our partners and their commitment to long-term work,” says Henri Hansson, Technical Director at Finavia.

Finavia’s development programme at Helsinki Airport is a billion-euro investment which aims to develop the airport’s services and customer experience as well as strengthen Helsinki Airport’s position as one of Europe’s leading transfer airports. The investment programme has entered its final phase, with the new Terminal 2 to be opened for passengers on 1 December. The project received a significant international Excellent level BREEAM certificate for its holistic solution orientation.

The RIL Award is presented annually to a work or project that has also most contributed to the positive civil engineering and social development in Finland during the competition. This year, the winner of the finalist trio chosen by the jury of experts was decided by corporate executive Matti Alahuhta. The jury was chaired by Tapio Kivistö, the Editor-in-Chief of Rakennuslehti. The RIL Award was first presented in 1972 and in 2020 it was awarded for the renovation and refurbishment of the Olympic Stadium.

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