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Spending time at Helsinki Airport on a stop-over with children? Here’s how to make the most of your stop

Article published
22.10.2021 at 15:44
Little girls watching plains at Helsinki Airport.
Helsinki Airport offers many services for transfer passengers. Parents travelling with children can take a break between flights and let the youngest members of the family release some energy at the airport’s play areas.

Helsinki Airport has a comprehensive range of services for families with children to ensure that the entire family can enjoy their stop-over. Passengers can borrow pushchairs for toddlers in the gate area.

“The terminal has plenty of space to move around, watch airplanes and marvel at the unusual vehicles on the apron,” says Finavia’s Hanna Hämäläinen, Head of Passenger Services and Development at Helsinki Airport.

Children's play area that imitates Finnish cottage and nature.

While Finavia requires passengers to wear masks at the airport, the requirement does not apply to children.

On the Schengen side, there is a play area next to Gate 20, where the youngest members of the family can play in surroundings resembling a Finnish summer cottage. On the non-Schengen side, people of all ages can limber up and release some energy in Maja Living Room near Gate 52.

Girl checking christmas calendar.

In the Christmas Cabin (Gate 40), passengers can knock on a tiny elf door and open the doors of the Advent calendar. The Christmas Cabin also features a Finnish sauna.

Visit the Moomins and enjoy delicious snacks and meals

Helsinki Airport offers a wide range of dining options, from lounges to restaurants and fast food services. On the non-Schengen side, Moomin Coffee  (Gate 40) is an unmissable stop-over destination that offers cafe products for the whole family.

Moomin cafe.

On the Schengen side, Espresso House (Gate 29) and Cafe Tori (Gate 26) are great options for a quick light meal and coffee. Richie’s Gourmet Hot Dog (Gate 19) and Burger King (Gate 29) serve tasty fast food for the whole family. You can also bring meals with you on your flight in take-away boxes.

“All of the restaurants have children’s meals, high chairs and the opportunity to heat small children’s meals and milk bottles when necessary,” Hämäläinen notes.

Family eating in lounge.

Of the lounges at Helsinki Airport, the Plaza Premium lounge (Gate 40, non-Schengen) and the Finnair lounge (Gate 22, Schengen) have their own play areas for children.

Quiet breastfeeding facilities and childcare rooms

The breastfeeding room near Gate 40 on the non-Schengen side is a nice quiet environment for taking care of a baby between flights. It also features a microwave oven, childcare room and a separate toilet.

“There are several quiet spaces at Helsinki Airport for childcare and breastfeeding. There are separate childcare rooms for changing diapers next to the bathrooms. Many of the childcare rooms also have a small toilet seat or potty for children,” Hämäläinen adds.

Childcare supplies are also available in the airport’s accessible toilets, which provide more space for parents with children.

Charge your batteries during your stop-over

A stop-over is a good opportunity to refill your water bottles and charge the batteries of your smart devices. Finnish tap water is known for its purity and high quality, so you can fill your water bottle at the airport’s water stations, available on the Schengen side as well as the non-Schengen side. The water stations on the non-Schengen side also provide hot water.

Girl running.

The airport’s Wi-Fi network serves all passengers and you can conveniently charge your smart devices before your next flight at a USB outlet or an electrical outlet. You can find plenty of them, especially near the gates.

“A relaxing stop-over makes it easy to continue your journey in a good frame of mind,” Hämäläinen concludes.

For more information on travelling with children, please visit Finavia’s Little Airport website.