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Travelling for the autumn holidays? Check the latest instructions and tips for packing

Article published
17.9.2021 at 14:38
After a long break, a lot of people will once again be travelling during the upcoming autumn holidays. According to experts, people who have been vaccinated twice can travel more easily and without compromising health security.

Start your autumn holidays in a relaxed manner and head to the airport well in advance so that you have time to park your car, drop off your baggage, check in, go through the security control as well as shop or eat something at the airport.

Please note that most airlines and travel operators check certificates required for travelling, such as vaccination certificates or documents of a negative test result, at the check-in.

With the lifting of travel restrictions, more and more services, restaurants and shops will open at Helsinki Airport, available for passengers waiting for their flights to take off. Stop for a coffee or have a glass of bubbly to celebrate the start of your trip and visit the shops.

Hiking gear – checked or hand baggage?

If you are travelling to Lapland to enjoy the autumn colours or going on a hiking trip abroad during your autumn holidays, you should read the packing instructions well before departure. When travelling with special baggage, such as camping, hiking and hunting gear, read the packing instructions in advance.

If you are not sure where to pack your other baggage, you can check the answer on Finavia’s How to pack for your flight pages. There you can also find the instructions for carrying electronics and cosmetics, the security control rules for food and alcohol as well as other important information. The simple definition of “liquid” is that if you can spread it with a knife, it is liquid.

Travelling with children?

You can find advice for travelling with children on Finavia’s Little Airport pages, where you can find instructions on, for example, what to do with pushchairs and prams at the airport.

There is a play area near Gate 20, where the smallest members of the family can play in surroundings resembling a Finnish summer cottage. People of all ages can stretch and spend any extra energy before the departure in Maja Living Room, located near Gate 52.

Children under the age of 12 travelling with parents who are fully vaccinated, or who are not required to have COVID-19 tests taken when they arrive in Finland, do not have to avoid contact with other people when returning home. You can check up-to-date travel instructions on THL’s website.

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