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Get a smooth start to your trip at the airport – remember these things

Article published
15.2.2022 at 09:34
Perhe lähdössä matkalle autohallissa.
Weeks 8–10, also known as the winter holiday weeks, are a popular time to fly from Finavia airports. It’s a good idea to head to the airport early to get a good start to your trip.

During busy times, you should leave enough time to deal with parking, bag drop, check-in and security control and do some shopping and eating at the airport without needing to rush. The most popular times to travel are the morning and the afternoon.

 Nainen kävelee portaissa Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla.

Those visiting the airport are required to wear a mask. Please also observe safe distances and hand hygiene. Do not travel if you are ill.

Check the opening hours of the airport’s services and restaurants well before your trip. At Helsinki Airport, you can exchange currency before security control at a Forex store.

For many, it may have been a while since their last trip. Take a few minutes before you leave for your trip to check your passport and other travel documents to make sure that they are valid. Make sure you have all the certificates and documents required by your destination country with you. Please note that requirements may change quickly.

Flying to ski on glittering snow

If you are flying with special baggage items – such as alpine skis, cross-country skiing equipment or a snowboard – it is a good idea to take a look at the packing instructions beforehand. Especially with domestic flights, please check with your airline in advance that your skis and other skiing equipment will fit in the aircraft. The smallest aircraft types used for domestic flights may not always have enough room in the hold for special baggage items.

If you are not sure whether you know how to pack your luggage correctly, you can find answers on Finavia’s How to pack for your flight pages. On these pages, you can also find the security control rules for electronics, cosmetics, food and alcohol as well as other important information.

Departing from the upgraded airport

The Helsinki Airport extension opened in December last year. The new entrance is used for flights from Terminal 2. Currently, flights are departing from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Be sure to check which terminal your flight departs from before arriving at the airport. Passengers can still be dropped off in front of the entrances of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The parking spaces located nearest to the Terminal 2 departure gates are in the new P1/P2 parking hall. The P3, P3 Premium, P4 and P5 parking areas are also still available to passengers.

Helsinki-Vantaan lentoaseman liikkeet.

Many new shops and services worth checking out have opened in the new extension. The new and even bigger Alepa is open 24/7 in the arrivals hall, and Helsinki Market, Subway and Burger King have opened there as well. You can buy lovely souvenirs in the Moomin Shop, which is also located in the arrivals hall.

An airport for the whole family

At Helsinki Airport, passengers travelling with children can pass through the family gate at security control. In the gate area, there are pushchairs for families to borrow. The play areas in the Schengen area (near gate 20) and in Maja Living Room (near gate 52) in the Non-Schengen area serve the whole family. All of the airport’s restaurants offer children’s meals, high chairs and the opportunity to heat small children’s meals and milk bottles when necessary. For more information about travelling with family, visit the Little Airport pages.

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