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A traineeship is one path to a job at Finavia

Article published
24.10.2023 at 08:44
Kaksi ihmistä tutkii tietokonetta.
People & Aviation
Finavia offers students from different fields a wide range of routes to various jobs through, for example, traineeships, cooperation with educational institutions and summer jobs. Students are interested in traineeships at Finavia for a number of reasons.

Airports are diverse operating environments and offer many types of work tasks. In addition, there is always a need for professionals from different fields. One of them is Oona Ranta-Pantti, who works in the aviation electricity team at Helsinki Airport. As an electrician, she takes care of, for example, lights on runways and taxiways as well as on the apron.

Ranta-Pantti, who studied at Varia, found her way to Finavia for a traineeship on the advice of her teacher, who knew that she was interested in aircraft.

“I sent Finavia an email and then phoned them. Only a couple of days later, Finavia invited me to an interview. At the end of the interview, I was already told that I would get the position,” Ranta-Pantti says about her job search in the spring of 2023.

Ranta-Pantti says the traineeship with the team in April–May went well. As an trainee electrician, she did almost all the work that she was permitted to do without additional training. After the traineeship, Ranta-Pantti got a summer job at Finavia as a newly qualified electrician. In the autumn, she continued to work in the team as a substitute for a colleague’s study leave.

“The airport is an inspiring work environment. At first, I thought about training as an aircraft mechanic, but on the recommendation of a relative, I applied to train as an electrician. I’m happy with my decision, and I am now surrounded by planes anyway,” she says with a smile.

Dream job in cybersecurity

Minttu Hyökyvaara works at Finavia as an administrative expert in the cyber team. Her career also started with a traineeship, although she was already a graduate with a Master of Social Sciences degree. Her enthusiasm for cybersecurity prompted her to study the subject further, and she applied for a traineeship at Finavia in spring 2022. She wanted to find a job where she could combine social sciences and cybersecurity.

“I found the traineeship at Finavia by googling. My interest was sparked by Finavia’s unique operating environment and role as a critical operator for security of supply. I submitted an application for an open cybersecurity trainee position right away. I had also applied for other positions, but when this position was offered to me, I knew immediately that I would take it.”

Applications for traineeships open in January every year.

After the traineeship, Hyökyvaara continued to work in Finavia’s IT team as a fixed-term employee. In the spring, Finavia made her a permanent employee.

“My work includes administrative information security tasks, such as working with cybersecurity compliance and the management system. In order to do my job well, I need the ability to handle larger entities, enthusiasm to learn new things and communication skills. In addition, having a sense of humour and maintaining a good team spirit are important and appreciated qualities in our IT department.”

Tips on applying for a traineeship

Minttu Hyökyvaara feels that she was allowed to take on responsibility in her work from the very beginning and that she was trusted already during her traineeship. She found this very motivating. She also wants to give a tip to others applying for a traineeship.

“The more clearly you can articulate your skills and interests, the easier it will be for the employer to see your potential. It pays to be active and approach the employer boldly. Although I had completed a master’s degree in Social Sciences, I did not have a degree in cybersecurity. However, I started to study the subject further and applied for a position as a trainee because I saw it as an investment in my future. To the employer, my more unusual background looked like an advantage. For me, training and working at Finavia has been a very instructive start to my career.”

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