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Winter holiday with children ahead – read our tips for Helsinki Airport

Article published
3.2.2023 at 08:36
Lapsi ja isä lentokoneen edessä
There are plenty of activities and play areas for children at Helsinki Airport.

The best play areas at Helsinki Airport are found in the gate area. At gates 16 and 20 there are nature-themed areas where the smallest in the family can play.

Maja Living Room is located at gate 52 after the passport control and is a space for people of all ages to stretch before their flight. The Christmas Cabin, which is open all year round, is located at gate 40, and is something that the whole family can enjoy.

Lapsi lentoasemalla

At Helsinki Airport, there are play areas for kids at the gate area.

Prams and pushchairs

With regard to prams, the rules vary according to the airline. If you have to leave your pushchair at the check-in, children who need it can continue their journey through the terminal using a pushchair provided by the airport.

Pushchairs and prams that will go in the plane’s hold must be packed in a protective bag. Some airlines offer passengers a protective bag at check-in.

Childcare facilities

There are also several quiet spaces at the airport for childcare and breastfeeding.

There are separate childcare rooms for changing diapers next to the bathrooms. Childcare supplies are also available in the airport’s accessible toilets, which provide more space for parents with children.

Family-friendly restaurants

The restaurants at the airport offer children’s meals, high chairs and the opportunity to heat small children’s meals and milk bottles. Baby food, such as Piltti products and purees, can be taken through the security control to the gate area and on board the plane.

Families that love the Moomins have plenty to admire in the Moomin café at gate 40. The Moomin café is located in the long-haul flight area after the passport control.

Easy Family Parking

Arriving to Helsinki Airport by car is easy and convenient. Families can park in the P2 parking hall, which is located next to the terminal. The P2 parking hall is spacious, has wider parking spots, and a direct lift to the terminal. Each floor is a different colour and has it's own animal figure.

Book parking in advance at Helsinki Airport for the best price in the area of your choice. In total, there are four parking halls and an outdoor area to choose from.

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