Investments in the development and maintenance of Finavia's airports in the coming years

In addition to extensive airport development programmes, Finavia invests annually in the maintenance of infrastructure and the continuous improvement of services. On this page we have compiled the largest renovation projects of less than EUR 10 million in the next few years.


Runway investment at Savonlinna Airport

Finavia carried out an extensive renovation work at Savonlinna Airport in 2022. During the renovation, the runway and taxiway surfaces were replaced as well as part of the apron that serves as a parking area for aircraft.

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Renovation work in the air traffic area of Helsinki Airport

Finavia invested EUR 7 million in the renovation work of the air traffic area of Helsinki Airport. The renovation in summer 2021 ensured smooth taxiing and apron operations of aircraft as well as further improved the management of stormwater. The renovation included the repaving of taxiways and the apron and improvements to aircraft parking stands and the stormwater sewer system.

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Runway investment at Mariehamn Airport

In summer 2021, Finavia renovated Mariehamn Airport with EUR 5 million. In the renovation, the runway was repaved and the flanks and safety zones improved. The power supply and runway light systems were renewed. In addition, the fuel distribution area was renewed to facilitate refuelling field vehicles with biodiesel.

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Paving of runways and taxiways at Joensuu Airport

Finavia invested EUR 1 million in Joensuu Airport. In summer 2021, runways and taxiways were repaved. In addition, the runway safety areas at the ends of the runway were renovated and technical preventive maintenance was carried out in the air traffic area.

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Renovation of the runway at Jyväskylä Airport

In spring 2021, Finavia repaired the frost damage of the Jyväskylä Airport runway as normal maintenance operations.

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Renovations to resurface the runway at Pori Airport

Finavia invested more than half a million euros in the runway asphalt work at Pori Airport. The repaving was carried out in summer 2019 as part of the normal maintenance operations.

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Renovation of the runway at Kuusamo Airport

The cost of the renovation at Kuusamo Airport runway was EUR 1 million. The renovation repaired winter damage as part of normal maintenance operations.

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