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Helsinki Airport is now carbon-neutral

It is now official: The carbon footprint of Helsinki Airport is zero and it has received the international Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) certificate for this achievement.

New air traffic records met in Finland: The amount of passengers increasing rapidly

In Finland, Finavia’s airports have attracted a record number of passengers this year. In the first half of 2017, there were in total of 10,958,075 passengers. This represents...

The new expansion of Helsinki Airport was inaugurated on the anniversary of the airport

The new south pier of Helsinki Airport was opened for passengers and air traffic on Monday, 10 July. The first flight from the majestic south pier departed from gate 54 at 2:10...

The Helsinki Airport restaurant Pier Zero victorious in the international FAB Awards

Helsinki Airport’s iconic Pier Zero has received a noted acknowledgement in the respected food and beverage awards programme. The restaurant was awarded with a special The FAB...

Helsinki Airport best connected airport in Northern Europe – global connectivity nearly doubles in decade

Helsinki Airport, operated by Finavia, is the best connected airport in Northern Europe. According to the findings of Airports Council International’s (ACI) Airport...

Helsinki Airport goes solar energy – Finavia supports the international climate agreement through its climate programme

Finavia has decided to speed up its ambitious climate programme. The aim is to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the operations of all of the company's 21 airports...

More flights from Amsterdam to Santa's official home airport

Voigt Travel started summer flights from Amsterdam to Rovaniemi on 3rd June. Travellers from the Netherlands will arrive at Rovaniemi Airport twice a week to the end of July.

Finavia recruits 200 test passengers to assess the new Helsinki Airport facilities – A role play inspired event at the airport

A new era of travel will soon be here when Finavia opens the new magnificent south wing of Helsinki Airport during summer 2017. Before the opening, Finavia will arrange a...

Here is Helsinki Airport’s new iconic entrance: see the amazing photos

The next phase of Finavia’s gigantic investment at Helsinki Airport will begin when the airport’s check-in and arrivals halls and public transport connections are revamped. At...

Finavia to participate in Kaivopuisto Air Show as main partner

The unique Kaivopuisto Air Show will take place this Friday. Finavia will have a prominent presence at the event.

Finavia updates rescue work at Lapland airports

A modern fire practice site was opened at Rovaniemi airport. The site will be used by the rescue personnel of Finavia, the Defence Forces and Lapland emergency services.

“Records broken at great speed:” A new airline boosts growth between Finland and Croatia

Croatia Airlines is the latest new-comer at Helsinki Airport, Finland. The Helsinki-Zagreb route opened on 21 May, and will further increase travel to Croatia. The country is...