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Appointment at Finavia: Heidi Mäkelä to become Airport Manager of Vaasa Airport

Press release
Article published
6.5.2021 at 13:25
Heidi Mäkelä
People & Aviation
Doctor of Science Heidi Mäkelä to start as the Airport Manager of Vaasa Airport on 1 August 2021. Mäkelä will be in charge of managing the airport and cooperation with local stakeholders.

“Vaasa Airport will get an experienced and skilled manager in Heidi. She has extensive knowledge of airport operations and stakeholders and insight into development. We are delighted to have Heidi manage Vaasa Airport,” says Juha Aaltonen, Vice President, Western Finland Airports at Finavia.

Airports are international and constantly evolving operating environments that require a wide variety of skills. Mäkelä is already familiar with the airline sector thanks to her long experience in air navigation technology. Mäkelä’s previous position was Quality Manager of operations in Finland at Danfoss Drives.

“Mäkelä has an important role in Finavia’s efforts to raise the quality of its operations and services as the world starts running again after the COVID-19 pandemic. Surviving the crisis and ensuring the coping and well-being of our employees are the cornerstones of our supervisory work this year as well,” says Aaltonen.

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