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According to Finnish business travellers, Helsinki Airport is the best airport in the world

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28.02.2018 kl 10:16
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Finnish business travellers have rated Helsinki Airport by far the best airport in the Nordic countries, Europe and globally in a survey conducted by FCM Travel Solutions*. There were more than 18.9 million passengers at Helsinki Airport in 2017. Slightly less than one third of them reported being on a business trip.

”Business travellers appreciate the logic layout and functionality of Helsinki Airport as well as its security and the fluency of travel. The airport was especially praised for its cleanliness and peacefulness. Helsinki Airport also offers excellent connections to destinations in Europe and Asia”, said Anne-Marjut Väänänen, FCM Travel Solutions’ country manager for Finland, to Finavia.

“We are pleased to find out that business travellers are satisfied with the services and quality level of Helsinki Airport. Considering the customer experience, they are a very important target group for us. In the last few years, Finavia has invested heavily in services for frequent travellers and made its operations smoother and more effective, says Katja Siberg, Finavia Director of Marketing and Communications.

Siberg thanks Finavia’s personnel, companies operating at the airport and their personnel for the persistent, long-term work to improve the customer experience.

Nearly 550 Finnish business travellers, travel managers and decision-makers replied to the online survey in November-December 2017. All of them considered that the most important features of Helsinki Airport are the good connections, transportation services and distances.

Did you know that, in 2018,

  • 50 airlines will be operating at Helsinki Airport
  • Helsinki Airport has direct flights to 145 destinations
  • Helsinki Airport is the most important air traffic hub in Northern Europe, having 20 routes and more than 100 weekly flights to Asia alone.

More than half of the respondents were of the opinion that airports’ most important features are easy, quick check-in and security control and good facilities and services. Every third respondent also considered shops and shopping opportunities important.

67 per cent of the respondents of the online survey had travelled by plane on a business trip at least 10 times during one year.

Seasonal salad 2

The meal wishes of busy business travellers have been taken into consideration at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport beats other airports in terms of its menu offering, for example. According to the FCM survey, a general lack at airports is the poor availability of healthy, low-caloric food. However, the restaurants and cafés at Helsinki Airport have focused on high-quality menus for years.

”Helsinki Airport is superior to many other airports in taking into consideration passengers with special diets, for example. In addition, many of the restaurants at the airport have received international awards, and there is even a bakery”, says Elena Stenholm, Vice-President for Commercial Services, Finavia.

Passengers can also pre-order a meal that is suitable for their diet at the restaurant of their choice. The busiest passenger can place an order online and collect the products from the pick-up point without queuing.

Working at the airport

For business travellers, working at the airport is an everyday routine

The respondents of the FCM’s survey also reported that they would appreciate areas for relaxation. They would also like to have peaceful working areas, which would make business travelling more convenient. Today, business travellers would like to see services that match the requirements of our time.

There are several relaxation and working areas in different parts of the terminals at Helsinki Airport. For example:

Helsinki airport passengers at Terminal 2

Helsinki Airport has a solid number one position in the Nordic countries, Europe and worldwide

The Finnish respondents to the FCM’s survey ranked Oulu Airport, which is the second busiest airport in Finland, as the second best airport. Oulu Airport was praised for its quick service and logical layout.

“Oulu Airport is important for the local business sector and Finland’s competitiveness in the northernmost parts of the country. Passenger volumes have increased positively in Oulu and customers are increasingly satisfied with the services of the airport. We invested EUR 13 million in Oulu in summer 2017. With the investment, we ensured the safety and fluency of the traffic and the ability of the airport to address growing demand in the future”, said Senior Vice-President Joni Sundelin slightly over a year ago.

Kastrup in Copenhagen was ranked the second best airport in the Nordic countries after Helsinki Airport. In Europe, Helsinki was followed by the airports of Schiphol, Munich and Frankfurt, and globally by New York JFK, Heathrow in London and Changi in Singapore.

*FCM Travel Solutions is the business travel brand of travel agency Flight Centre Travel Group. World Travel Awards has now selected FCM the world’s best travel agency (World’s Leading Travel Management Company) seven years in a row (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011).